What is endermology?

Endermologie® is the exclusive operating principle/technique of LPG® technologies (verified in over 145 scientific studies).

The endermological treatment with the LPG device will stimulate the skin on its surface. “Sleeping” cells will be reactivated down to the deeper layer of the skin. An LPG therapist treats and stimulates with the extremely high-performance device the connective tissue underneath the skin surface. Specific treatment protocols make every therapy session unique, during which every patient receives its own treatment individually tailored to him/her.

In which medical fields may endermology be applied?

In rheumatology for the improvement of the mobility of the articulations, for pain relief and relieving of tensions.

In orthopedy before and after surgeries for the reabsorption of edemas, improvement of the mobility of the articulations, and pain relief.

In breast surgery (breast reduction, breast lifting, and breast augmentation as well) for the lysis of adhesions, treatment of scars, reduction of lymphedemas, faster wound healing, alleviation of scarred tissues, treatment of scar extrusions, and scar proliferation.

After facial surgical procedures such as upper eyelid lifting to loosen up muscle cramps, reduce swellings and edemas, and avoid severe scar formations.

After plastic surgery procedures such as abdominoplasty and after liposuctions to reduce swellings and edemas, tighten the skin, and reduce any eventual pain.

But even after intense sports activities, an endermology treatment activated the muscle regeneration.

What else can endermology do?

The technique of Endermologie® treats with target-oriented sessions the body areas which may present aesthetically unpleasant fat deposits, such as the back, the abdomen, the waist, the inner side of the upper thighs, and the particularly unpleasant «saddle bags». Through the stimulation of adipocytes, the procedure triggers a light local lipolysis (fat breakdown). At the same time, the mechanic action of the LPG treatment head reactivates the circulation and lymphatic circulations, so that the silhouette will be newly shaped.

Fields of application

  • Reduction of fat
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • Tightening of the skin / skin lifting
  • Re-shaping the body
  • Lighter legs

How does the LPG device work during the treatment?

The completely new perfectly though-out LPG device «Endermologie® Body» is a highly developed «body shaping high-end device» for a precise care of the silhouette. With a special attachment, the rhythmic “massage head” is applied over the body and/or over the treated areas of the face.

With this special massage of the problem areas, the skin will be pulled thanks to a vacuum and at the same time massages with two massage heads. The combination between the effect of these two heads and the vacuum system drains the fluids from the tissues very efficiently and evacuates the tissue fluids. During the treatment, the cell stimulation of the connective tissues will also be significantly stimulated. This allows for an aesthetic as well as therapeutic treatment of the tissues.

How long does a treatment last?

Aesthetic treatment

A treatment session lasts between 35 and 50 minutes, depending on the program and the goal. For aesthetic purposes, the program should be scheduled for a period of at least 10-12 weeks with one session per week. Subsequently, we recommend recurring sessions to maintain the silhouette once/twice a month.

Medical treatment

This treatment also lasts between 35 (at the beginning) up to max. 50 minutes per session.

Before surgeries, we recommend two LPG treatments for the activation of the tissues.

After surgeries the treatment will be performed with a special lymphatic drainage program once/twice a week for a total of 6 to 8 weeks after the surgery.

In these procedures, it’s of the highest importance the reduction of edemas (accumulation of tissue fluids) in the area of the healing wound. A quicker reduction of hematomas (blue spots) and a better healing will be thus achieved. The lymphatic drainage has a draining, detoxifying, calming, and heling effect and strengthens the immune system. The palpable pressure in the tissues will be reduced, so that the pain will be alleviated as well.

Is the treatment with an LPG device painful?

After the treatment, you may experience small hematomas and slight pains.

What are the risks associated with the procedure?

During a pregnancy, in case of inflammations, general infectious disease, cardiac and circulatory diseases, as well as cancerous disease the treatment must not be performed.

What are the medium and long term benefits of an endermology treatment with an LPG device?

With a regular application, your tissues will be visibly tighter, since unnecessary waste substances will be drained through the lymphatic system and the circulation of the tissues will improve significantly. Especially during a diet, the treatment with the LPG device is an excellent aid: the effect is similar to the one associated with a lymphatic drainage. Already a few minutes after the treatment, the circumference of the treated area will be reduced. The result: the orange peel (cellulite) will be smoothed put, the indentations will be less visible, and the silhouette will be newly sculpted. Endermology is a therapeutic treatment performed under medical supervision by trained personnel with extensive experience and sensibility.