Interview at «La Stanza» in Zurich Kreis 2

Being beautiful, feeling well and showing it is an important part of our lives. Once our natural attractiveness does not suffice anymore, Colette Camenisch gives a little bit of help to nature. The Swiss-born and raised doctor is a plastic surgeon.
On Monday morning, we met Camenisch in the brasserie «La Stanza» in Zurich for «Zmorgä» (breakfast). Her practice is only five minutes away from this trendy café. Camenisch operates on patients who don’t feel well in their own skin: she reduces or lifts breasts and reconstructs abdominal walls who lost elasticity after a pregnancy. But, the 45-year-old physician also treats patients who were crippled by an accident or a disease. Moreover, she does not solely swear by injections and scalpels. In fact, she has just launched her very own cosmetic line.