Mons Pubis Reduction Surgery

Discover new body feelings thanks to a mons pubis reduction surgery

The rounded eminence above the female vulvar lips is referred to as mons pubis or mons veneris. The size may vary from woman to woman. Hormonal changes, menopause, and weight gain may cause a more pronounced shaping of the pubic mound. Many women find this condition very uncomfortable.

A mons pubis reduction can help the women who suffer from it.

In a mons pubis reduction surgery,  Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch aspirates the excess fat tissues from the pubic mound. A liposuction of the intimate area, as the procedure is referred to in the specialist jargon, is not different from a liposuction of the abdomen, the thighs ("saddlebags") or the hips.

Many women have isolated fat deposits. This excess fat tissues may be relatively easily aspirated, provided that the skin in the treated region is elastic enough.

Mons pubis reduction - that's how it's done

For this procedure, Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch injects a special saline solution with lidocaine and adrenaline in the mons pubis. Subsequently, the specialist physician applies a special device that first achieves a negative pressure, and then aspirates the fat.

For optimal results, in certain cases, in addition to the mons pubis reduction, an abdominal liposuction should also be performed.

Mons pubis reduction - what you need to know
  • Duration of the procedure

    Many women take advantage of this occasion and combine a mons pubis reduction with a liposuction to other areas of the body. Depending on the combination, the surgery lasts between 30 and 45 minutes.

  • Hospitalization

    Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch performs the mons pubis reduction surgery as an ambulatory procedure at the Clinic Beethovestrasse in Zurich.

  • Anesthesia

    In most cases, for a liposuction for the mons pubis reduction, a general anesthesia will be necessary. Only in rare cases, is a local anesthesia sufficient.

  • Sick leave

    If you are employed in an occupation that demands light to moderate physical strain, you are not allowed to work for 2 days. If your profession entails a severe physical strain, you will have to be on sick leave for a longer period.

  • Risks

    A pubic mound reduction may cause infections, postoperative hemorrhages, and hematomas. Long-lasting swellings and a slight sensitivity to pressure may also occur.

  • Postoperative treatments

    A complete healing and subsiding of the swellings may take up 4 to 6 weeks. During the first 4 weeks, you will have to wear special compression pants and avoid practicing sports.

  • Costs

    The costs may vary and will be agreed upon in advance. The price is inclusive of all services, such as the consultation, the surgery, the anesthesia, the medications, the hospitalization, and the follow-up controls.

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