Medical massages

Medical massages Relax and alleviate the pain

The classic massage is one of oldest therapy methods known to man, whose origins date back to 2600 BC. In Europe, the first massages were described for the first time at the end of the Middle Ages by the physician Paracelsus.

Massages can alleviate backpains when applying sweeping strokes, flexion and kneading movements and can relax tensed and cramped muscles. Moreover, they can help in activating the metabolism and stimulating the functions of organs and the nervous system to an optimal level.

Because of the increased circulation in the connective tissues, skin, and musculature, the toxins can be metabolized more quickly. Also, the blood pressure and heart rate will decrease, the occlusions in the tissues will be loosened and the cellular regeneration of all bodily tissues will improve.

The oxygenation of the muscular tissues and the drainage of the metabolic processes (which tense up the muscles), both improved by the effects of the massage, will alleviate the pain in the treated areas.

The mental relaxation also plays a significant role and ensures a reduction of the stress levels. With a massage, you may achieve a better sense of general well-being for the whole body.

Different kinds of medical massages

Medical massages are distinguished in partial body massages and whole body massages. In a partial body massage, a specific area of the body is targeted such as, for example, the back, legs or arms. In a whole body massage, all body regions are treated.

Medical massages - what you need to know
  • Duration of the massage

    Partial body massage: 30 or 60 min.

    Whole body massage: 60 or 90 min.

  • Sick leave

    You may resume your public life and normal work routine immediately after the treatment.

  • Risks

    No massages can be performed should the patient suffer from febrile diseases or any other inflammatory processes. Other contraindications apply for cancerous processes, cardiac diseases, and thromboses.

  • Costs

    30 min.           CHF 75.-

    60 min.           CHF 150.-

    90 min.           CHF 225.-

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