Manual lymphatic drainage

Manual lymphatic drainage Activates the lymphatic system, alleviates the pains and swellings, and detoxifies

With the manual lymphatic drainage, the lymphatic system is activated by applying a gentle pressure on specific points of the skin. The accumulated interstitial fluid is shifted from the treated areas into the lymphatic nodes of the related drainage area with superficial pushing techniques. This way, we are able to reduce the swelling of the treated area. The manual lymphatic drainage accelerates the natural process of the drainage of buildups of interstitial fluids.

This technique is particularly effective after surgical procedures in the areas listed below:




This gentle technique is the perfect treatment for recently operated patients. The pains will be alleviated and the wound healing process accelerated. If the swellings are quickly reduced after a surgical procedure, the patient is more readily mobile and will heal more swiftly.

Only 10 to 14 days after the surgery, the mechanical lymphatic drainage (it is somewhat more intensive) may be applied as an additional strategy to accelerate the wound healing and reduce the swellings.

Fewer pains and more success for detoxification treatments with a manual lymphatic drainage

Besides activating the lymphatic system, the manual lymphatic drainage alleviates local pains as well as the general sensitivity to pain. Moreover, it supports the effects of detoxifications treatments and boosts the better intake of vital nutrients. The lymphatic drainage also relaxes the vegetative nervous system and fosters a deep and restful sleep.

Manual lymphatic drainages are especially recommended after surgical procedures, in case of local edemas (pathological buildups of interstitial fluids) and lipedema (pathological fat accumulations), during pregnancies, and after a sprain. The manual lymphatic drainage may also provide relief in case of recurrent headaches and migrains.

Moreover, manual lymphatic drainages may also prove useful for pathological symptoms of the lymphatic system (lymphedemas) or in case of heavy and fatigued legs in the summer.

Manual lymphatic drainage - what you need to know
  • Duration of the treatment

    Upon request:

    30 min.

    60 min.

    90 min.

  • Sick leave

    You may resume your normal work routine and public life immediately after the treatment.

  • Risiken

    The manual lympahtic drainage cannot be performed in the case of malignant tumors, cardiac edemas, and any imflammatory process in the body. This treatment is also counterproductive in the case of increased body temperature, erysipelas, and cardiac insufficiency.

  • Costs

    30 min.           CHF 75.-

    60 min.           CHF 140.-

    90 min.           CHF 205.-

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