Lip treatment with hyaluronic acid

Shapely, natural lips for an attractive smile

Some women have thin lips even in their younger years. For other women, the once voluptuous lips will first start to lose volume with advancing age. Others are bothered by the shape of their lips or their imprecise contours.

Even with just one treatment, Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch will skillfully conjure up more shapely lips. The goals of the procedure are symmetry and elegance. Excessively big lips are not attractive and noticeably artificial. The specialist physician will gladly offer her best advice on how your lips may be shaped to look harmonious and beautiful.

Through the injection with a special lip filler (a special kind of hyaluronic acid) the shape of the lips will be improved, and the contours corrected. Even congenital asymmetries, or imperfections, may be corrected, up to a point.

For this treatment, the lips will be injected with a fine needle, sculpted and adjusted to your facial features. Naturally, injections treatments with fillers will also compensate for the lost volume.

Additionally, a «Skinbooster» (a special, very fluid hyaluronic acid) may give back the lost moisture to dry and chapped lips. The lip vermillion will glow again with health and dry lips will have found the perfect treatment.

A lip filler treatment will last for 6 months

Depending on the initial condition, even just a few injections may balance the volumes of the lips and achieve the desired lip turgidity. With this procedure, the lips will look naturally well-shaped and voluptuous.

Additionally, depending on the condition of the lip vermillion, an injection with Skinbooster may prove useful to rejuvenate the sensitive skin of the lips. In a lip treatment, the filler will be injected with a small and very fine needle or cannula in the lips or in the mouth corners.

For even better results, you should combine this treatment with a Skinbooster therapy of the upper lip lines.

To achieve the perfect effect, Dr. Colette C. Camenisch must re-evaluate the results after two weeks and, if necessary, correct any eventual imperfections or asymmetries.

The effect will last up to 6 months, depending on the age and lifestyle of the patient. Heavy smoking, for example, causes the hyaluronic acid to decay more quickly. Therefore, the effect of the lip injection will last for a shorter period.

Treatment of the lips with hyaluronic acid - what you need to know
  • Duration of the procedure

    The procedure lasts approximately 15 to 20 minutes

  • Hospitalization

    Not necessary

  • Anesthesia
    A local analgesia (local anesthesia with a cream, approximately 10 minutes before the treatment) is recommended. After the procedure, the treated area should be cooled down.
  • Sick leave

    Not necessary

  • Postoperative treatment

    Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch checks up on the treated area approximately 10 to 14 days after the lip treatment. You should avoid practicing sports and going to the sauna or solarium for 24 hours after the procedure. Otherwise, the swellings will subside less quickly.

  • Risks

    A treatment of the lips may cause small hematomas, local swellings (for one to three days after the procedure), and, very rarely, feelings of tightness or pressure.

  • Costs

    The costs will be agreed upon in advance and depend on the extent of the procedure and the necessary materials.

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