Many millions of people undergo aesthetic treatments globally every year. Many more are curious but are concerned that such treatments can produce extreme and unnatural results.

To give some light on these key questions, Galderma took to opportunity to capture how some physicians in the world achieve natural-looking results with facial aesthetic treatments. At the 2016 AMWC congress in Monaco, we asked 11 healthcare professionals for 15 minutes of their time. We talked about achieving the right outcomes for their patients, the effect of treatment on their patients, and the importance of a proven safety record and predictability in the results.

Dr. Colette Camenisch is a specialist working in Zurich, Switzerland in the areas of plastic reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. She combines injectable and surgical methods to achieve the best results.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your work.
I work as a plastic surgeon in a private clinic in Switzerland.

As an experienced plastic surgeon, why do you us Restylane?
Restylane is a product I have known and used for many years and I know that I get good outcomes and beautiful results, which is enough for me to use the product and buy it again.

What do you think about the level of acceptance of getting a facial aesthetic procedure?
It is getting more and more accepted. I see men more often in my clinic; now I have about 10% men among my patients and that is an increase. It’s lovely to have more patients interested in facial treatment.

What is your best advice to any patient considering facial aesthetic treatments?
I like to have a little fun with my patients, and I tell them that it’s like choosing a hairdresser; it doesn’t matter where you go, but you have to feel comfortable and to feel like the guy who is doing your hair does it in a good way., Similarly, you have to feel that the ‘treater’ is somebody who knows his work and understands what you want. It’s important to understand what the patient wants so you can transfer it into a good facial outcome.

How often do you perform plastic surgery vs aesthetic treatments? How has this evolved/changed in recent years?
About 70% of my time is actually plastic aesthetic surgery and 30% are treatments, but it also depends on the time of year. In the summertime it is more aesthetic treatments and in the wintertime more surgery, and this is actually a perfect combination so I enjoy both sides of my job.
What has changed is the number of people seeking aesthetic facial treatments. I think it is increasing, which makes my job more interesting. I think the more patients you see the better it makes you. I think you also get a better reputation.

How do you feel about working with Galderma’s products, services and people? What does it mean to you and your business?
It’s because of the people I like so much. Years ago, when I lived in Sweden I met people from Q-Med/Galderma and I liked the product. That is why I stayed. I have trust in the quality and I have good outcomes. It gave me really a positive input into that I did and I will use Restylane for sure for the rest of my business career.

What were your reasons for joining the aesthetics industry?
Because I love beauty. I think that is the main reason. It’s something that has attracted me since I was a young girl, and I now have the possibility to do the work that I love and is my passion.

What does Galderma mean to you?
Galderma means to me good quality – good Swiss-Swedish quality.