Breast augmentation with implants replacement

Perfect breasts thanks to implant replacement and reshaping

Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch, the specialist for breast surgery in Switzerland, inserts only the best high-quality breast implants made by renowned manufacturers. Despite that, sometimes, it is necessary to replace an implant.

Should pains, swelling, and/or erythema occur suddenly, the implants should be checked immediately and, if necessary, they may have to be replaced.

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One of the main reasons for the replacement of an implant, besides changes in the body shape and the normal "aging process of the implants", is the so-called capsular fibrosis.

A capsular fibrosis forms around the body of the implant and may deform its shape. In most cases, only one of the breasts will be affected by this condition. Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch will remove the tissues enveloping the implant (capsule) and insert a new, stable in shape implant.

An implant replacement will also give you the chance to adjust the breast to your changing body.

With age, it may certainly be reasonable to replace the breast implants, so that the breast may be adjusted to the changing body shape.

Although, a regular replacement of the implants is not necessary. It will suffice, if, after the final follow-up control five years (or, at the latest, 10 years) after the surgery, you will come at Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG for a further follow-up control. With an additional radiological examination (MRI or sonography) the condition of the breast implants can be evaluated with great precision.

Implant replacement - what you need to know
  • Duration of the procedure

    Depending on the extent of the surgery and an eventual corrective procedure, the operation lasts between 1,5 and 2 hours.

  • Hospitalization

    The replacement of breast implants is generally performed in the clinics «Pyramide» and “Klinik Im Park” durchgeführt. Usually, the stationary stay of the patients lasts 1 to 2 days.

  • Anesthesia

    For the implants replacement surgery, a general anesthesia is necessary.

  • Sick leave

    Between 7 and 10 days.

  • Risks

    The risks of a replacement of the breast implants are identical to those of a breast augmentation surgery with implants. These include infections, postoperative hemorrhages, impairment of the circulation and wound healing, somatosensory disorders, the possibility that the implants may be visible and/or palpable, asymmetries, newly occurred capsular fibrosis, and aesthetically unpleasant scars.

  • Postoperative treatment

    The implants will be kept in shape with a specialty bra, and, possibly, also with a chest strap. The specialty bra must be worn for 6 weeks. During this period, it is prohibited to practice any kind of sports activities.

  • Costs

    The costs may vary depending on the extent of the procedure. They will be agreed upon in advance and are inclusive of all services, such as the consultation, the surgery, the anesthesia, the medications, the hospitalizations, the follow-up controls, and all potential corrective surgical procedures.

    Under certain circumstances, the insurance may cover the costs of the removal of the implants. Our staff at Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG will gladly clarify if your insurance covers any of the costs. You will have to cover on your own the costs of the reconstruction of the breast with new implants.


«I am very happy with the results of my breast surgery and I'm already looking forward to the summer.»

Ms. J. G. – Breast surgery

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