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My new found self-esteem is AWESOME

My breasts look much better today than they did 6 weeks after the operation. My new found self-esteem is AWESOME. Thank you for your great work!

Ms. L. K. - Tubular breast / breast augmentation

I'm thrilled...

the headache, jaw pain and neck pain have disappeared thanks to the bruximus treatment with botox. You are a great team, I always feel very comfortable with you. Stay strong during this difficult time.

Ms. M.V. - masseter hypotrophy / bruxism

Really SUPER

After the thread lift, I had no bruises, only minimal swellings and almost no pain, so really SUPER! Here again a huge THANK YOU! In the meantime I still have a slight swelling on the left side and I still have a slight pull when I touch it. I am already thinking about subjecting the upper area of the face to the thread lift for next year 🙂

Mrs. M.P. - Thread Lifting

Not only your skills...

but also your noticeable warmth of the heart and your generous behavior after my clumsy nightly injury, your repeated sewing of the seam on the right eyelid, early on Saturday morning, impressed me very much.

Mrs. I. J. - Blepharoplasty

A great result

Despite a difficult starting position, you got a great result. My breasts feel very natural and I can hardly imagine how it used to be. Many thanks to you and your team!

Mrs. C.S. - Breast augmentation with an implant

Everyone who saw the result is absolutely delighted

I wanted to thank you again very much for the super great support and care before, during and after my breast surgery.

Everyone who saw the result is absolutely delighted and thinks the breasts are very natural and beautiful. The breasts look exactly like the breasts I had when I was 20 years old. They are completely natural and feel that way too.
I enjoy putting on a bikini or a nice bra again.

Anonymous / Breast Implant & Breast Lifting

Professional and perfect work

I would like to take the opportunity to pay you a big compliment. I really appreciate your always very professional and perfect work. But above all, I feel safe under your hands, very well looked after and well advised. This certainly allows me to face the fact of getting older without any concerns!!

Mrs. S.P / Filler (translated from German)

From the first second, the first phone call, I felt but fantastically cared and taken seriously

I would like to thank you for everything !! Signing up with them for an appointment was a huge, heavy and shameful step. From the first second, the first phone call, I felt fantastically cared for and taken seriously. Your whole team, every single one, always gives you a good feeling. Even though they may not be able to imagine it; but the operation has changed my life! I can finally move normally again and feel like a woman all around. I am so happy and thankful to have found the you. From the bottom of my heart once more: THANK YOU for everything!

Remain a heartfelt, honest and empathetic team!

Mrs. R.M / Intimate surgery (translated from German)

A solution to my teeth grinding (bruxism)

I found Dr. med. Camenically by chance on Google, as I was looking for a solution for my teeth grinding (bruxism). She is a very competent and sensitive doctor. I got an appointment - according to my complaints - promptly and the clarifications were precise and efficient. I was treated with SkinTox A the same day. I felt no pain during the treatment and the pressure from the jaw and head was gone afterwards. I can only recommend the treatment and of course the doctor. The quality of life is just way better since the treatment.
In addition, Dr. Camenisch sees the patient as a whole and her care is unique.

Thanks again from the heart.

Greetings, M. Teeth grinding / masticatory muscles (translated from German)

Thank you for the great treatment!

The "Unicornlift" showed its effect after just a few weeks: a radiantly beautiful and fresh skin I get compliments everywhere, how great I look, even in my Yoga class!

Mrs. R.V. - Unicornlift (translated from German)

Once again, you have convinced me of your ingenious quality work

After 1 1/2 weeks I'm just happy when I look in the mirror!
I really appreciate that, THANK YOU

Mrs. D. B. - Filler (translated from German)


When I was able to see the results, I was simply overwhelmed

After suffering for years for my hanging belly, which persisted tenaciously despite more and more sport and good nutrition, after a consultation with you I have decided to opt for a tummy tuck.  From the moment you showed me what was possible with the aid of "before and after" photos, I could barely wait and I counted the days that still had to pass before my surgery. I did not experience any fears nor second thoughts, not even for a second since I had from the very beginning unconditional trust in you and your work. That was also because of your friendly, humorous, and absolutely professional manners!

86 days after the consultation it was finally time and I had the privilege to check in to the wonderful clinic Pyramide am See, where I was greeted very cordially. The nursing staff, as well as the anesthetist, were very kind and helpful and even immediately before the anesthesia I was not the least bit nervous, but simply filled with great anticipation.

After the procedure, which lasted for several hours, I woke up and was right away caringly seen to by you and your team. I felt barely pains. During the two days I spent at the cinic, I felt extremely well and greatly cared for. When I was then able to see the result, I was simply overwhelmed. I had great expectation in the results, but you have even been able to exceed all I had wished for! And even three weeks after the surgery, not a day goes by in which I am not still amazed and infinitely thankful for what you have performed and achieved for me. For the first time in my life, I am finally able to say: I  truly have a fantastic and beautiful abdomen!

I can't thank you enough, Dr. Camenisch. I am just elated!

Miss J. B. tummy tuck / abdominoplasty


I am just so happy and thankful!

I had been struggling for years with my "turkey neck", and I knew, because of my genetic disposition, that it would get even worse with advancing age. I thought for a long time that I only needed a neck lifting, but Dr. Camnisch advised me to undergo a midface and neck lifting, to achieve the perfect result.
Of course, the road to surgery was fraught with all kinds of fears: would I look too different? Would I experience pain?
Today, almost four weeks after the surgery I can safely say that all my fears were unfounded. I was treated by a fantastic team of women consisting of the doctor, the anesthetist, and the surgery nurses with the most loving and competent level of care, and I never felt unsure, not even for a second. The results are terrific, I look in the mirror and I see my old face again. The postoperative symptoms wore off quite quickly and I was able to resume my public life very soon after the surgery. However, most importantly, the result was absolutely natural, exactly as I had wished for.

Miss B. L., 57 years - Face and neck lifting


Follow-up procedures after hyaluronic acid and botox treatments

I would like to thank you with all my heart for the follow-up procedures after a hyaluronic acid and botox treatment. They were completely worth it! The treatment was truly successful and the results were visible. For what concerns my face, I am couldn't wish for more.

Miss K.S. – SkinTox A and hyaluronic acid treatments


With Dr. Camenisch I immediately felt very safe and cared for

I immediately felt safe and cared for with Dr. Camenisch. Her professionality and her before and after pictures were what ultimately convinced me to trust her and undergo the procedure. Since it was a very intimate procedure, at first, I felt a bit uncomfortable, but she was able to calm me down quite quickly and she guaranteed me that everything was going to be alright.
The preparation, the surgery itself and the postoperative treatment were very serene, professional and, of course, most significantly, the results were exactly the ones that were promised.
This surgery changed my life and enormously improved the quality of my life. Dr. Camenisch and her team have done a fantastic job and therefore I can't do anything else but recommend her.

Miss L.P. – Breast reduction


Extremely competent and kind

… I would like to thank you for taking the time and offering me your best possible support in my requests, to achieve the perfect results.

Miss M.G. – Facial rejuvenation


The best possible experience!

I would like to thank you once again for the professional and exceptional treatment. It was the best experience I had with wrinkle treatments. Uncomplicated, without any discrimination and I did not have to explain myself a thousand times. Your practice is truly an "oasis of happiness".

Miss S.G. – Wrinkle treatment with fillers


Simply wonderful!

I would like to thank you again for the great job (breast augmentation) you did ... simply wonderful! - Also the reduction of my areolae, just fantastic. Thank you! I'm ecstatic.

Miss H. G. – Breast augmentation


A new quality of life

I want to thank you with all my heart for the professional treatment and the loving care that I had the pleasure to experience. I am highly pleased with the results. I am very happy with the new quality of my life.

Mr. M. P. – Eyelid lifting


Today I had an ultrasound

The doctor told me: "Up until today I always thought I was going to be able to see if under a sweater there was an implant. But in your case, I definitely cannot say that!"

Miss U. P. – Breast implants


I am so happy with my corrective breast surgery!

I am so happy with my breast correction! My gynecologist immediately said: "Good job!" And when I went for a mammography, everyone agreed: "It feels so natural!" I am so happy that I've chosen you!

Miss B. C. – Corrective breast surgery


My husband came home from a trip abroad, saw me and said: "Wow, darling, it's just beautiful, full lips to kiss!"

I am so happy with the work you did

Miss D. B. – Filler


I am very happy to have chosen Dr. Camenisch for this surgery

She gave me a very professional consultation and therapy. I had received only positive comments from third parties. The upper eyelid lift makes me look younger and makes me feel a lot better. I can warmly recommend a treatment with Dr. Camenisch.

Miss M. P. – Upper eyelid lift


Thank you for the amazing job you did with the hyaluronic acid injection. It's absolutely perfect!

Miss S. S. – Hyaluronic acid


I am very happy with the results of my breast surgery and I'm already looking forward to the summer.

Ms. J. G. – Breast surgery


Three weeks have already gone by since the second Skinbooster injection and I'm extremely pleased with the results!

My complexion has enormously improved and my acne scars have been drastically reduced. Thank you, so much!

Miss M. K. – Skinbooster- therapy against acne


A labia reduction surgery is a small procedure, but the results are truly freeing.

When I was about 16, I realized that my inner labia were very large. I used to wear string thongs all the times, but my inner labia never fitted in it, therefore I had to buy underwear way too big for me. So far, nothing tragic.

After my pregnancy, they got even bigger. I read online that the inner labia keep growing with time. I was 35 at the time and didn't want to know how they would look at 45.

A labia reduction surgery is a small procedure, but the results are truly freeing. I can wash myself as a normal person would, ride a bike without feeling pain, and today I wear thongs that actually fit my size.

Miss R. B. – Labia reduction surgery


Even just one day after the treatment, my face looks significantly younger.

My face (woman, 49 years old, medical doctor) showed signs of distinct premature aging around the eyes and the mouth. I decided on a volume treatment, to stop this effect and achieve a more youthful look. After a meticulous decision process, I chose Dr. C. Camenisch of the clinic Pyramide am See in Zurich. I trusted her completely with my face, the mirror of my personality.
With her experienced eye, Dr. Camenisch was able to insert the fillers perfectly. My face looked younger already one day after the treatment. During the first follow-up control, Dr. Camenisch perfected the effect with a few more injections. It will be interesting to see, how long the effect will last and when will I need the next injection.

Miss D. W. – Face treatments with fillers


Approximately a year ago, I underwent a nose correction surgery. I am still amazed by the result and I still look forward to seeing it every day as if it were for the first time.

I was greatly impressed by the competent, caring consultation, as well as the complete understanding towards a patient, like me, who is somewhat anxious. Everything proceeded exactly as described, the surgery, the healing process, and the follow-up controls. I felt extremely well cared for, safe and competently treated during the entire time.

Miss S. M. – Nose correction


Thank you for the procedure, I am extremely satisfied with my new widened gaze...

Miss F. A. – Upper eyelid lift


Even just the thought that there was a chance to give my breast a natural and feminine shape, was indescribable.

My gynecologist always used to say that my breast looked perfectly normal. But, I could never accept my breasts and there were times where I could not even look myself in the mirror. When I finally changed gynecologists, my new one recommended a visit with a plastic surgeon. I found the clinic «Pyramide» online, which made a very good impression. Before my first visit with Dr. Camenisch, I was nervous, but I felt in good hands right from the start. Dr. Camenisch barely looked a minute at my breasts, before diagnosing a tuberous breast, a malformation, which could be corrected with a surgical procedure.

After all those, years, finally good news! Dr. Camenisch warned me about all possible risks, but my hope overcame all my doubts. Even just the thought that there was a chance to give my breasts a natural and feminine shape, was indescribable. The surgery, in September of 2014, proceeded perfectly. The scars are healing, and the breast feels more natural with each passing day. Moreover, the fact that my insurance covered the costs in full, was the definitive proof that my breast did not have a natural shape. This procedure was the best decision of my life. I have never felt so happy.

Miss S. O. – Breast surgery

… And then she walks in … The treatment room lightens with sunshine.

Mutual introduction followed by a short chat which progresses into professional briefing. I’m impressed by her unconventional way (she takes off her shoes before she starts with the intervention). The result of her work reflects the person: Talented, efficient, honest, devoted. Dr Colette Camenisch is a beautiful inspiration for the world of plastic surgery.

Ms U. S. – Dermal fillers


The very positive reactions from the people always make me smile.

I am simply happy and I look forward each day to a new challenge - at work or in my private life.

Miss D. B. – Upper eyelid lifting


To all mothers of young girls with tuberous breasts: take on the subject, take it seriously and help your children.

I always felt ashamed of my look, but I only realized it when I was twelve years old. Even if my tuberous breast was not really visible under bikinis and bras, I was tormented by it, under the shower, in front of a mirror, it was a painful ongoing issue for me and it made me feel insecure. I had to think twice about normal daily events, such as going for a swim with colleagues in the summer. Having a boyfriend was a nightmarish thought. What would he think about me? What would others? That is how I remember my teenage and early adulthood years: very complicated.
Basically, my asymmetric and not evenly sized breasts have made me insecure, impaired my relationships, and significantly influenced my social behavior.

Since the breast surgery, I feel free, I can run without always wearing a bra, and I can choose bikinis and bras because I like them and not because they must somehow hold my breasts in shape. I can look again in the mirror, and I like what I see.

My only regret is that I haven't done it sooner, in my youth (I am now 40). Why am I writing this? To all mothers of young girls with tuberous breasts: take on the subject, take it seriously and help your children. Feeling good in one's own body and with oneself is of fundamental importance.

Very often, the insurance cover the costs, inform yourself about your options and help these young girls, who often are so ashamed that they won't say anything. Take on the problem, talk about it.

Miss C. G. – Tuberous breast

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