Injection with NCTF® – Nanosoft treatment

NCTF® & NANOSOFT™ For skin renewal

With a special formula of hyaluronic acid and revitalising ingredients, the Nanosoft treatment is a moisturising booster that provides the essential elements for skin health. Nanosoft injections are new and highly innovative: the treatment guarantees maximum efficacy, safety and patient satisfaction.

Application areas:

  • Eyes contour
  • especially crow's feet
  • Lip contours/mouth area
  • Neck area
  • Décolleté

In principle, this treatment is preferred for all areas where the skin is very thin and sensitive.

The effects:

  • Improvement of 144 % radiance
  • Improvement of 132 % Moisture supply
  • Improvement of 52 % evenness
  • Reduction of 43 % fine lines
  • Reduction of 59 % pore size
Injection with NCTF - What you need to know
  • Application/Therapy Interval

    This is an intensive and completely painless mesotherapy treatment with anti-aging effectiveness. It requires 3 sessions at intervals of 2 weeks to a maximum of 4 weeks. For maximum effectiveness, up to 5 sessions can be done.

  • Side effects

    Tiny bumps form immediately after the treatment. These are visible between 8-24 hours and then disappear completely. Due to the 3 times smaller injection needle, the risk of bruising is reduced to a minimum.

  • Duration of the treatment

    Depending on the treatment region, the time required ranges from 20-40 minutes.

  • Costs

    Treatment of the eye area plus mask: CHF 300.-
    Treatment of the mouth region plus mask: CHF 300.-
    Treatment of the neck area plus mask: CHF 500.-
    Treatment of the décolleté plus mask: CHF 500.-
    Treatment of the face plus mask: CHF 600.-

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