Breast Asymmetry

Breast asymmetry Evenly sized breasts thanks to corrective surgery

The majority of women has uneven breasts (breast asymmetry). This is completely normal. The form and the position of the nipples vary from one breast to the other, too. But, for some women, the difference is so significant, that they suffer because of their asymmetrical breasts. In this case, a corrective surgery procedure may prove useful.

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Some women have breasts that are too small. Others have breasts that are too big. And some women have both: one breast too big, the other too small; which means that the breasts are uneven. In the most extreme cases, the difference may be up to one cup size. Clearly, the women affected by it do not feel well in their own skin.

Moreover, women with asymmetrical breasts may also suffer from physical conditions; given that breasts of uneven size may cause backaches and lead to postural problems.

Whether a woman suffers psychologically or physically due to her uneven breasts, a breast surgery ends the suffering and makes her feel great in her own body.

Asymmetrical breasts – The implants delete the difference

When a woman has very small breasts, the condition is referred to as micromastia or mammary hypoplasia. If both small breasts are also asymmetric, the best course of action is to even them out with an implant. The goal is to reach a better symmetry.

In some cases of breast asymmetry, the woman may have one breast that is significantly bigger or heavier than the other. In this case, corrective breast reduction may be necessary. With this surgical procedure, Dr. Camenisch removes more tissue from the bigger breast than from the smaller one.

Depending on your initial condition, before the surgery, it is also possible to simulate the size and form of your breast with the 3-D simulation.

Breast asymmetry correction - What you need to know
  • Duration

    1.5 to 2.5 hours

  • Hospitalization

    Depending on the extent of the operation and your personal preferences, the surgery will be conducted in the ambulatory day clinic Beethoven­strasse or, with an overnight stay, in the clinics "Pyramide" or "Im Park".

  • Anesthesia

    General anesthesia

  • Sick leave

    7 to 10 days

  • Postoperative treatment
    After the surgery, you must wear a tight fit surgical bra for 6 weeks. During this time, you are not allowed to practice any sports. Afterward, you can wear normal bras again and practice any kind of sport.
  • Risks

    Possible risks are infections, postoperative hemorrhages, hematomas, impaired wound healing, and somatosensory disorders, as well as aesthetically unpleasant scars. In case of a corrective surgery with implants, you may also incur the risk of capsular fibrosis ("the painful capsular contracture around the implant"). 

  • Costs

    The costs of a corrective surgery for asymmetrical breasts may vary  (for example, if it is performed with or without implants). Depending on the extent of the asymmetry, the costs may be covered by your insurance. The price is inclusive of all services, such as the consultation, the surgery, the medications, the follow-up controls, and all potential corrective measures.

    Our staff at Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG will gladly clarify if your insurance covers any of the costs

«I cannot tell you have breast implants!»

The doctor told me: "Up until today I always thought I was going to be able to see if under a sweater there was an implant. But in your case, I definitely cannot say that!"

Miss U. P. – Breast implants

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