Vampire Lift

Vampire Lift an effective self-blood therapy

What is Vampire Lift?

The growth factors contained in blood serum stimulate cell regeneration in the skin and hair roots.

What does Vampire Lift do?

Due to the increased blood circulation in the hair base, hair roots are also regenerated. Hair loss is slowed down and the growth of new hair is accelerated.

How is Vampire Lift carried out?

Vampire Lift treatment uses certain components of the patient’s own blood specifically for skin rejuvenation purposes. The plasma used is rich in regenerating proteins and growth factors.

Advantages of vampire lifting

  • no allergies or intolerances (use of substances from the patient’s own body).
  • particularly natural-looking results.
  • a relatively short and simple treatment.
  • possibility to resume your social life immediately after treatment.
  • can be combined with microneedling, for example.
  • even better results via additional enrichment with hyaluronic acid.
Vampire Lift – What you need to know
  • Duration of the procedure

    Between 20 and 40 minutes, depending on the region to be treated.

  • Incapacity for work

    None. You can resume your social life immediately after treatment.

  • Side effects

    Vampire Lift is considered a very low-risk treatment, mainly because the plasma is taken from the patient’s own body. No synthetic active ingredients are used, so there is no risk of intolerance. After the treatment, there may be slight side effects such as redness, swelling and minimal bruising, but these will disappear within a short time.

  • Anaesthesia

    To make the treatment even more pleasant, the skin area is lightly anaesthetised with a special anaesthetic ointment before the treatment.

  • Follow-up treatment

    No actual follow-up treatment is necessary. The treated areas should be kept cool to prevent haematomas.

    To obtain maximum effect, three treatments at intervals of two to four weeks are advisable. A refresher treatment is recommended after one year.

  • Costs

    The cost of Vampire Lift depends on the extent of the treatment.

    From CHF 300 to CHF 800 per session.

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