The team of Clinic Beethovenstrasse AG in Zurich

Dr. med. Colette Carmen Camenisch

Head of the Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG

  • Specialist physician for surgery (Swiss Medical Association)
  • Specialist physician for plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery (Swiss Medical Association)
  • European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery EBOPRAS
  • Specialist training in preventive and anti-aging medicine (German Society of Anti-Aging-Medicine, GSAAM e.V.)

Colette C. Camenisch studied and graduated from the University of Zurich, and primarily completed her specialist training in general surgery in Switzerland. She worked at large trauma surgery clinics such as the University Hospital Zurich between 2003 and 2005 under the direction of Prof. Otmar Trentz, MD. After her first position as senior physician in general surgery, in 2008 she moved to the internationally renowned Akademikliniken in Stockholm (Sweden) to perfect her aesthetic training. There she worked with Prof. Per Hedén, one of the world’s most renowned breast surgeons. She subsequently returned to Switzerland in 2011 as senior physician in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at the Cantonal Hospital Thurgau. Between autumn 2012 and spring 2017, she worked as a specialist in plastic surgery at the Pyramide Clinic in Zurich in the capacity of an independent partner of the Center for Plastic Surgery. Since April 2017, she has been Medical Director of the Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG in the centre of Zurich. She is regarded as a leading aesthetic breast surgeon. As a well-known national and international speaker and teacher, she is also a key opinion leader in aesthetic surgical facial rejuvenation. She has chaired symposia around the world and acted as a consultant to the Vice President of Galderma in 2011.

As of 2022, she and a new team are expanding the range of services offered by the Clinic Beethoven­strasse in the areas of skin improvement/skin rejuvenation and skin care with various medical-cosmetic treatments and surgical interventions.

Her “COSMETIC CELL CONCEPT” skincare line was marketed in Switzerland for the first time in 2019; it is easily tolerated and moisturises the skin without being greasy. It is a natural cosmetic product line that meets the highest quality standards.

Chantal Corrupato

Chantal Corrupato

Federal Medical Masseuse

After training to become a pharmaceutical assistant, Ms. Corrupato completed her training as a federal medical masseuse in St. Gallen. She then worked in an orthopaedic company, where she was mainly responsible for medical products such as compression stockings, bandages and medical supplies.
She subsequently gained valuable experience as a medical masseuse in various clinics. This enables her to respond individually to all her patients’ needs.

Ms. Corrupato has been working for Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG since February 2021 and offers the following:

  • Endermology with a latest-generation LPG device (Body & Face, certified)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Traditional massage
  • Connective tissue massage
  • Foot reflexology
  • Trigger point massage
  • Sports massage (taping)
  • Fire cupping
  • Hot stone massage
  • Moor heat packs
Debora De Nisi

Deborah De Nisi

Personal Assistant to Clinic Manager Dr. med. Colette Camenisch
Accounting and Social Media

After training to become a federal medical practice assistant, Ms. De Nisi worked in orthopaedics as a practice manager and teaching supervisor. Her duties included assisting with major operations and organising work relating to running the practice.
From 2009 she worked in the field of plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery at the Klinik Pyramide am See, where she gained valuable professional experience as office manager and personal assistant to the founder.

Shortly after the opening of the Clinic Beethoven­strasse, she decided to tackle a new challenge working alongside Dr. Camenisch. She has been personal assistant to the clinic management since June 2017, and also takes care of accounting and the clinic’s social media accounts on a part-time basis.

Regina Gass

Regina Gass

Office Manager

Right at the beginning of her career as a young medical practice assistant, Ms. Gass spent several years working in a cosmetic-oriented dermatological practice where she was able to gain extensive knowledge of medical cosmetics and skincare. After that, she worked mainly in the ophthalmological field as a medical office manager.

Ms. Gass has been working as practice manager at Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG since June 2022. Her area of responsibility primarily consists of administrative activities, operation planning and clinic organisation.

Corina Pinzon

Corina Pinzon

Technical Operation and Emergency Assistant

Ms. Pinzon joined the Klinik Pyramide am See after training to become a surgical assistant and gaining experience in the emergency and inpatient departments of the children’s hospital. After only a short time, she became deputy head of the surgical wing. A year later, Ms. Pinzon was appointed head of the operating theatre. This involved the personnel and operational management of the department. She played a proactive role in developing work processes and in ensuring compliance with certified quality and hygiene standards.

After 22 years and thousands of operations, Ms. Pinzon, a mother of two, took over responsibility for the operating theatre at Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG in September 2022. She is also in charge of various outpatient treatments.

Jrma Wilde-Leu

Jrma Wilde-Leu

Medical Assistant

After initial training to become a dental assistant, Ms. Wilde went on to complete additional commercial training. She subsequently improved her language skills during various stays abroad in the USA, England and France. Ms. Wilde then decided to turn her love of travelling into her profession. She trained as a flight attendant with Switzerland’s largest airline before working for many years as a chief flight attendant for SWISSAIR. As a housewife/mother of 2 children, she later worked as a freelancer and instructor. Her passion for medicine and aesthetics ultimately brought her to well-known Zurich clinics, where she deepened her knowledge of plastic surgery by working as a practice manager/medical assistant for a number of years.

Since June 2022, Ms. Wilde-Leu has been assisting us in the Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG with her valuable experience and know-how as a medical assistant; she also carries out various medical-cosmetic treatments independently.

Nicole Urech

Nicole Urech

Practice Manager

  • Health specialist EFZ
  • Medical and hospital secretary
  • Link-Nurse Infection Prevention/Hygiene Officer
  • Professional Educator
  • Practice coordinator/practice manager
  • Certified for LPG/Endermology Body and Face

After completing her training as a health professional, Ms. Urech decided to spend six months in the USA to improve her English skills and to pursue her passion for travelling.

Back in Switzerland, she worked for four years at the Winterthur Cantonal Hospital in the gynaecological outpatient and emergency departments, first as a medical practice assistant and then as a practice manager. Over the years she completed various further training courses. Her responsibilities mainly included administrative tasks, quality management, professional management of the team and assistance in the consultation hours and in the emergency department.

Since August 2020, Ms Urech has been working as a practice manager at Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG.

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