Perfect skin thanks to specialistic treatements

Our skin gets thinner and loses elasticity with each passing year. Therefore, the wrinkles increase and get deeper. Exactly for these problems, as well as for excessive sweating, bothersome skin tumors, and aesthetically unpleasant scars, were developed special treatment concepts.

Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG is the center of excellence for anti-aging treatments in Zurich.

Besides by age, the skin is also vexed by stress and external environmental factors. Many patients wish for a perfect, young skin. Innovative products and new methods will help you recover your youthfulness: treatments with SkinTox A can reduce wrinkles, relax the tensed jaw muscles in case of teeth grinding ("bruxism") and help against excessive sweating ("hyperhidrosis").

Surgical procedures with fat transfer to the face, décolletage, and hands will bring back the lost volume and guarantee a smooth and beautiful skin texture.

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