Aeschbacher is one of the most successful programmes on SRF 1. The popular TV presenter welcomes four guests at a time to talk about a specific topic in the Labor Bar in Zurich. For the show on 15 January 2017, they were slam poet Christoph Simon, architect Peter Schmid, who builds schools, palaces and temples in Bhutan, magician Christian Bischof and me. During the show, I was able to clear up various prejudices on the subject of cosmetic surgery. Especially in the field of intimate surgery.

As an internationally renowned specialist in aesthetic and plastic surgery, I am used to performing in front of an audience. Nevertheless, I had a little stage fright before the recording of “Aeschbacher” – after all, it was my first appearance on TV. When we also had to deal with technical problems, I got really nervous. Fortunately, I had a great time and got on well with the other guests. Under the motto “The new year so beautiful”, Kurt Aeschbacher invited not only me but also slam poet Christoph Simon, architect Peter Schmid and magician Christian Bischof to the Labor Bar in Zurich. We hit it off right away and were able to bridge the waiting time backstage with interesting conversations – not only on the subject of beauty.

Kurt Aeschbach was really impressed that I already knew at the age of 10 that I wanted to be a plastic surgeon one day and to this day I can’t imagine a more beautiful, exciting and important profession. Although I actually wanted to avoid the topic of “intimate surgery”, we got to talk about it in the course of the evening. I think I succeeded quite well in clearing up some prejudices. Those who know me know that “pumping in the back and pumping in the front” is definitely not my thing. Far more important to me is reconstruction, that is, restoring the former state.

For example, a perineal tear during childbirth can lead to persistent pain, especially during sexual intercourse. In such cases, an operation makes sense. The excess tissue of the labia minora is surgically removed, which usually leads to a significant improvement and often even to complete healing. In many cases, the abdomen and breasts also no longer look the same after pregnancy as they did before the birth. In such cases, when women no longer feel attractive and comfortable in their bodies, it is a serious problem. I consider it my life’s work to help these women and to bring a great deal of joy back into their lives.

Kurt Aeschbacher was, as always, witty, charming and interested as a talk show host. Showmanship is definitely not his style. So I was able to talk about my work calmly and objectively. I hope that I was able to encourage many “normal” women to go to a beauty clinic for a consultation. Because aesthetic and plastic surgery is definitely an option for all women.
I am looking forward to your feedback.