Jaw muscles

Relaxed chewing muscles thanks to botulinum toxin A

Do you grind your teeth at night? A tensed chewing musculature may be the cause of teeth grinding. This may cause swollen jaw muscles ("hamster cheeks") and uncomfortable pains in the face and neck area.

A method that's been tried and tested for years to relax the chewing muscles is a treatment with SkinTox A.

The muscular tension may radiate throughout the face and is, therefore, one of the most common causes of a tensed, painful neck.

Teeth grinding at night is referred to as "bruxism" in the specialist jargon. Many medical specialists prescribe to patients a mouth guard to wear at night against bruxism. But, a mouth guard won't prevent patients to clench the teeth so tight that the jaw muscles will still be tensed and the pain will still occur in the facial region.

A relaxed jaw musculature will guarantee beautifully shaped facial features.

The pressure exercised on the teeth because of the grinding is much stronger than by simply chewing. It may be so significant that with time the patient suffering from this condition may develop extremely thickened jaw muscles (hamster cheeks).

A quick and easy solution against tensed chewing muscles is the neurotoxic proteine SkinTox A. It will be injected directly in the masticatory muscles, and it will guarantee a significant relaxation of the jaw muscles after 1 to 3 weeks. The SkinTox A inhibits the neural transmission to the muscles. As a consequence, the muscles will not contract as much and will be more relaxed: the entire face will also appear more relaxed.

Treatment of tensed jaw musculature - what you need to know
  • Duration of the procedure

    Between 10 and 15 minutes

  • Hospitalization

    The treatment will be performed as an ambulatory procedure at Clinic Beethoven­strasse AG in Zurich.  After the procedure, you may immediately resume your work and public life.

  • Risks

    A treatment to relax the chewing muscles may cause small hematomas in the first 3 to 5 days. The injections may not be administered during pregnancy or lactation.

  • Postoperative treatment

    No postoperative treatment will be necessary.

  • Costs

    The costs of a jaw muscle treatment may vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and will be agreed upon in advance.

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