Hyperhidrosis treatment A help against excessive sweating

Everyone sweats, but 2 out of 100 people sweat so much that they have permanently moist hands, clothes drenched in sweat and beads of sweats running down the forehead. This condition is extremely inconvenient and impacts heavily on one's life quality.

But, hyperhidrosis (extreme sweating) can be treated successfully.

The perspiratory glands produce 14 L of sweat per day. And, if not under extreme physical strain, we usually lose only 100 to 200 ml of sweat per day.

But, this does not hold for people who sweat excessively. This condition is referred to as hyperhidrosis amongst specialists.

For people who suffer from hyperhidrosis, constant overheating and sweating episodes are not just a summer phenomenon but a permanent condition- even in the winter. For this reason, hyperhidrosis cannot be left untreated.

SkinTox A helps against hyperhidrosis

Excessive sweating may be treated with several different therapies. But, the easiest and most popular remains is the treatment with injections of SkinTox A.  It inhibits the neuromuscular transmission from the nerve cells and, in so doing, blocks the excessive sweat production of the perspiratory glands.

This procedure is classified as a minimally invasive treatment. The active substance will be injected directly, with a very fine needle, in the over-active perspiratory glands under the armpits and in the hand. With this method, the sweat production will be reduced by around 90 %.

The effects will start just a few days later and last for several months.

Hyperhidrosis treatment - what you need to know
  • Duration of the procedure

    Between 10 and 15 minutes

  • Hospitalization

    Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch performs the hyperhidrosis treatments at Clinic Beethovestrasse AG in Zurich.

  • Anesthesia

    The treated area will be rubbed with a special ointments which contains a local anesthetic. The injections will be, therefore, virtually painless.

  • Sick leave

    You will be 100 % ready to work immediately after the procedure.

  • Risks

    Hyperhidrosis may not be treated with SkinTox A during pregnancies and lactation periods.

  • Postoperative treatment

    After a hyperhidrosis treatment, you are not allowed to use deodorant for 24 hours.

  • Costs

    The costs may vary depending on the complexity of the procedure and will be agreed upon in advance. In case of a particularly extreme form of hyperhidrosis, the insurance, under certain circumstances, may cover the costs.

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