Foot reflexology massage

Foot reflexology massage for sleep disorders, migrains, and stress relief

The foot reflexology massage is based on the research of the American physician Dr. William Fitzgerald, who described this technique in an essay at the beginning of the 20th century, 1917. The foundations for this theory were the medical principles of the reflex zone therapy of the Native American tribes.

With precise pressure techniques, we are able to activate the reflex zone on the foot, through which, with an external stimulus, the internal organ can be influenced. With this focused stimulation of the nerve endings (reflex points) of the feet we can deliberately act upon specific areas or organs. The impulses are conducted through the sciatic nerve upwards to the spinal cord and from there to the targeted areas.

Achieve a general sense of well-being thanks to a foot reflexology massage

The foot reflexology massage has a deeply relaxing, regulating and regenerating effect on the entire organism.

The treatment ensures an improvement of the sleep quality, inhibits pains, relaxes the muscles, and has a calming effect, moreover, it regulates the digestion and lowers the blood pressure. It's often prescribed for stress, anxiety, and internal symptoms, and has both a local and a reflectory effect.

Foot reflexology massage - what you need to know
  • Duration of the massage

    Upon request:

    30 min.

    60 min.

    90 min.

  • Sick leave

    You may resume your work and public life immediately after the treatment. Nevertheless, you should avoid intense physical strain after a relaxing foot reflexology massage.

  • Risks

    The treatment cannot be performed in case of acute inflammations of the venous and lymphatic system, known aneurysms (widening of the arteries), tumors or neurological diseases, as well as in the first 4 months and the last 6 weeks of a pregnancy.

  • Costs

    30 min.           CHF 75.-

    60 min.           CHF 140.-

    90 min.           CHF 205.-

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