Face lifting

Radiant face thanks to face/neck lift

With the passing of the years, the skin and musculature of the face will progressively lose elasticity. A facelifting will preserve your natural look. In this facial treatment, Dr. Camenisch will pull the sagging skin and tighten the underlying structures. The wrinkles will disappear and your face will be once again radiant.

What happens with age? The skin wilts, the musculature weakens and the ligaments lose elasticity. The fat deposits in the cheeks will also disappear. A facelifting allows you to turn back time and preserve your natural look.

As an experienced specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery, Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch will help you look exactly as young and radiant as you feel. Especially, if you decide to combine the face/neck lift with an eyelid lift.

A facelifting for the tightening of the face and neck region

In a facelifting procedure, Dr. Camenisch pulls the sagging skin and tightens the underlying structures. Subsequently, the experienced surgeon removes the skin in excess. Depending on the condition of the face, she also injects the patient's own fat, retrieved from the abdomen or the hips, under the skin. The fat rejuvenates the skin and provides fuller facial features. On request, even deep wrinkles, such as the nasolabial fold, or smaller lines around the mouth may be treated in the same session with a transfer procedure or with hyaluronic acid.

When you will look in a mirror after the procedure, you will see a natural face that is perfectly balanced to your look.

Face/neck lift - what you need to know
  • Duration of the procedure

    Depending on the extent of the surgery, the procedure lasts 3,5 to 5 hours.

  • Hospitalization

    Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch performs the face/neck lift in the clinic «Pyramide» in Zurich. After the surgery, you will have to stay in the hospital for 1 to 3 days.

  • Anesthesia
    General anesthesia
  • Sick leave

    Depending on the extent of the surgery, between 2 and 3 weeks.

  • Postoperative treatment

    Dr. Colette Carmen Camenisch removes the sutures after 5 to 10 days. Subsequently, the sutured area will be covered with sterile strips. As soon as the strips are removed too, you may wear makeup again, taking extreme caution. For the next 4 weeks, you may only practice light sports activities and you must avoid repeated flexions and lifting movements. Sauna and intensive UV exposure are also prohibited. To reduce as much as possible the risk of circulatory disorders, you should not smoke for 3 weeks before the surgery and for 3 weeks after the surgery.

  • Risks

    The risks for a face/neck lift are postoperative hemorrhages, hematomas, swellings, feelings of tightness and pressure, impaired wound healing and infections. A tearing of the sutures and numbness (especially behind the ears) may also occur. Circulatory disorders of the skin, whose consequence may be the necrosis of certain areas of the facial skin, as well as lesions to vessels and nerves, should be avoided with correct surgical techniques, but may not be excluded completely in the case of anatomical variations. Finally, limited areas with reduced or increased skin pigmentation are also a possibility. As with every surgery, you may also incur the risk of thrombosis and embolism.

  • Costs

    The costs for a face/neck lift depend on the extent of the surgery and will be agreed upon in advance. The price is inclusive of all services, such as the consultation, the surgery, the anesthesia, the medications, the hospitalization, the follow-up controls, and all potential corrective surgical procedures.

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