Medicine, beauty und wellness Partners of Clinic Beethovenstrasse AG

In order to offer my clients the broadest possible spectrum of treatments available, I work with highly qualified partners in the fields of beauty, medicine, lifestyle, and wellness.
Thanks to year-long cooperations with colleagues from various disciplines, I am able to recommend the best possible course of action for your specific desires and problems. Therefore, on this page, you may find other interesting addresses for women and men.


To help and support you completely and with the highest standards, I work with renowned physicians from various areas of specialization. In fact, Clinic Beethoven­strasse is proud to offer a holistic approach: here follows a list of our partners, which are among the bests in their respective fields, to meet your individual needs.

PD Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Christine Jacobsen, Zürich
Specialist in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Dr. Daniel Brusco, Zurich
Specialist physician (Swiss Medical Association) for Maxillofacial Surgery

Areas of expertise: face profile optimization, chin corrective surgery, asymmetries and jawline corrective surgery

Dr. med. Maurizio Camurati, Zurich
Specialist physician for General Surgery with specialization in phlebology, specialist for venous disorders

Dr. med. Valérie Enderlin (-Krausz), Zurich
(Swiss Medical Association) Dermatology and Venerology, DALM Diploma in Aesthetic and Laser Medicine

Decamed Haut- und Laserzentrum

Dipl. med. Barbara Erni, Zurich
Gynäkologie im Zentrum
(Swiss Medical Association) for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Medical Swiss Association specialist for operative obstetrics

Dr. med. univ. Bettina Kerbler, Zollikon
Quelle der Schönheit
Dermatology – Laser – Aesthetic – Cosmetic
Specialist physician for Dermatology and Venerology (Swiss Medical Association)

Dr. med. Liv Kraemer, Zurich
MD PhD, Specialist physician for Dermatology. Specialized SKIN trainer with a focus on preventive dermatology, as well as skincare and beauty food.

PD Dr. med. Alexander Krafft, Zollikon
Specialist physician for Gynecology and Obstetrics (Swiss Medical Association)

Specialist for Fetomaternal Medicine, Obstetrics and Operative Gynecology, DEGUM II

Dr. Susanne Kristof
Dr. med. Christian Bull
Dr. med. Eva Roffler-Sailer

Specialist physicians for Dermatology and Venerology, classic dermatology, preventive skin cancer treatments, allergology, pediatric dermatology, aesthetic dermatology and laser treatment.

Dr. Mandana Péclard, Zurich-Paradeplatz
Specialist physician (Swiss Medical Association) for General and Internal Medicine

Areas of expertise: dermatology with specialization in skin cancer prevention, acne therapies, dermatological laser therapies, and aesthetic medicine.

Dr. med. Julia Pilz, Basel
AMB-Arztpraxis Magendarm Basel
Specialist physician (Swiss Medical Association) for Gastroenterology and General Internal Medicine, specialist for preventive medical checkups/screening

Dr. med. univ. (A) Kerstin Schmit, Zurich
Zentrum für natürliche Hormontherapie
Specialist physician (Swiss Medical Association) for Internal Medicine, Master of Science TCM, holistic medicine, gender medicine, complementary medicine, acupuncture ASA, natural hormonal therapy.

Dr. med. Bettina von Seefried, Zurich
Specialist physician for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Swiss Medical Association specialist for operative gynecology and obstetrics

Dr. Evdoxia Terzi, Zurich
Specialist physician for Ophthalmology

Cutting-edge clinic for ophthalmological diagnostics and therapy for ocular health. Preventive medicine and health preservation. The early detection and treatment of eye diseases are their area of expertise.

Dr. Corina Röscheisen, Zürich
Specialist physician for Ophthalmology
The area of expertise if the preservation of the functional strength of the eyes through the early detection and treatment of eye diseases

Dr. med. Fabio Ruggeri
Specialist physician for General Internal Medicine, member of the Swiss Medical Association; General Internal Medicine
Private clinic Bethanien


A team of experienced anesthesiologists:

It is of the greatest importance to me to provide the best possible care of the patient through my anesthesiologists' team. Expert anesthesiologists prepare my patients taking their time and special care in regards to the ensuing surgery. Be it general or local anesthesia, the well-being of the patient is paramount.

Anesthesia and pain management:
As a matter of principle, our anesthesiologists forego the use of anesthetic gas, and instead administer the necessary medications directly in the circulation. In doing so, uncomfortable side effects, such as postoperative emesis can be largely avoided and the wake-up time after anesthesia is optimally controllable. Thanks to today's medical advancements in the field of anesthesia, the surgery will proceed as smoothly as possible. Small procedures, under certain circumstances, may be conducted under local anesthesia, while more complex surgeries have to be conducted under general anesthesia with well tolerable medications and safe anesthetic techniques. After the surgery, the latest generation pain medications will alleviate quickly and effectively the pains. Every surgery is associated with a certain degree of risk, but thanks to our sophisticated techniques and methods, as well as our scrupulous monitoring the risks are as reduced as they can possibly be.
Center for Anesthesiology, Clinic Pyramide am See

Clinics and Institutes

I work only with the most renowned clinics and institutes. The know-how and infrastructures of the clinics listed below guarantee optimal diagnostics and treatments:

Practice for the treatment of skin diseases and allergies, as well as operative dermatology and laser treatments

Klinik im Park, Zurich
Klinik im Park is a family-owned private clinic of the highest level. It is situated in an idyllic position in the vicinity of Zürichsee.

Klinik Pyramide am See, Zurich
Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Limmat Radiologie, Zurich
The Limmat institute offers radiology techniques of the highest level with broad examination spectrum

Medizinisches Radiologisches Institut, Zürich
A specialized medical team offer at the Medizinisch Radiologischen Institut a broad spectrum of radiological examinations

Klinik Bethanien, Zürich
The privately owned Bethanien clinic, situated in the most beautiful area of Zürichberg, covers any medical need you may have from internal medicine consultations to diagnostic and surgery.

Swiss Stem Cell Foundation, Lugano
The Swiss Stem Cell Foundation (SSCF) is an independent, non-profit foundation, whose goal are to pursue research and development in the field of stem cells research and to develop new cell therapies for human medicine on the basis of stem cells.

Beauty and lifestyle

Feeling beautiful is wonderful and boosts your self-esteem and lust for life. Let yourself be pampered by our beauty care partners

Beauty Care, Zürich
Andrea Persterer and Team
Beauty oasis in the Zurich Altstadt

Call List, Zürich
Production agency, Snesha Bloom
Call List is a lifestyle and model agency and the Zurich base for several international photographers and stylists.

INA KESS, Zurich
INA KESS is an exclusive sportswear brand, founded in 2015 by the sisters Katharina and Isabella Staub. Their design vision combines an elegant, feminine style with the best Italian functional fabrics. The sportswear, rigorously produced in Europe, captivates with timeless elegance, flattering cuts, and outstanding quality, and will easily suit every style-conscious woman in her everyday life.

Claudia Larsen, Männedorf (ZH)
Exclusive photographic studio for women at theZürichsee

Laser-Promed, Daniela Hagen, Herrliberg (ZH)
The laser practice for medical and aesthetic skin treatments: surgery, trauma, burn, and acne scars, stretch and pregnancy marks, permanent hair removal, liver spots, and couperosis., Feuerthalen (SH)
Cosmetic institute Barbara Pochon
Dermocosmetic treatments, body care, permanent makeup

Nobellifestyle, Zurich
Nail salon, beauty parlor

Martina Schärrer, Zurich
Medical massages and endermology.
Specialized in lymph drainage (postoperative treatments), scar treatments, and lipo-massage

Organisations and Partners